Becoming a Reseller of Attibassi Coffee Products

If you are interested in Attibassi and appreciate our brand, history, quality, and desire to become a reseller of our products in your cafe or restaurant, do not hesitate to contact us.   All information submitted through this website will remain confidential.


Our commitment to you:

We import our products from Bologna straight to Seattle frequently, and have done so since our start in  2004.  We work hard to keep our "just in time" system running smoothly so that you always get fresh Attibassi coffee to serve..  It's quite expensive as you can imagine but we believe that Italian coffee is the best in the world and ought to be served in optimal conditions.  We are interested in  working with those who share our passion for Italian espresso.  We bring you a boutique label at a great price.  We bring you more than  15 years of  experience in the U.S. market representing Italian coffees.    Attibassi became our sole focus in 2004 and we haven't looked back.  Attibassi brings you great value, an unsurpassed quality, and a beautiful authentic Italian image.  You are welcome to stop by and tour our facility and plant if you happen to come to Bologna, although feel free to contact us for special/priority tours that we offer for wholesalers.  Attibassi is a global brand, presented all over Europe and with a growing presence in Asia, Africa and now North America.  Our network of international distributors grows each year. 


Your commitment to us:

You must maintain your coffee making equipment in top shape, cleaning your grinders and espresso machines on a daily basis.  You must train your staff to properly present and serve Attibassi coffee.  We suggest that you also display Attibassi branding (cups, signage, etc) in your establishment; please do not serve our coffee bearing other coffee brands (unless its your establishment's branding of course).  All sellers are required to ensure that their water is free of impurities, sediments, and chemicals so as to not to alter the flavor of espresso.